The Southeast's Shipping & Transportation Hub

Getting materials and products to and from your place of business is key to maximizing your sales, revenues and profits. Getting people to and from your place of work is a must for attracting and retaining high-quality employees. South Fulton County’s expansive network of highways, rail lines, airports and public transportation make the area perfect for expanding and relocating companies that require optimal shipping, air travel and cargo, and commuting infrastructure.

Air Cargo and Travel

South Fulton is home to the world’s busiest and most dynamic airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It’s a major shipping and passenger hub for much of the United States and makes corporate travel economical and convenient. Your executives will enjoy the many non-stop flight options available in and out of Atlanta, as well as the convenience of MARTA commuter rail service and 30 shuttle services to and from the airport. Private and smaller commercial planes use the Fulton County Brown Field and South Fulton Airport, which provide more shipping and travel options. Brown Field has three runways, ranging in length from 2,800 feet to approximately 5,800 feet. The South Fulton runway is approximately 2,700 feet. Most corporate jets in Georgia make South Fulton their home.

Road Network

If you need something shipped out or trucked in fast, you’ll be connected to much of the U.S. when you do business in South Fulton via three major interstate highways. Running the length of the United States from Florida to the Canadian border, Interstate 75 is a major transportation hub, passing though Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan, with easy access to states on either side. Running almost perpendicular to I-75, Interstate 85 provides access to Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. The 1,500-mile Interstate 20 runs east-west through South Fulton, offering access to Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina and Texas. Along these three interstates are many major highway junctions that give your products or materials even greater access to and from many other highways, cities and states.

Understanding its position as a major business and transportation hub, Atlanta took a major step to ease traffic congestion during peak hours by building Interstate 285, a loop around the metro area that helps truckers and commuters get to where they are going faster. This convenient route helps South Fulton County residents and employees get where they need to be quicker, whether it’s home, work or the airport.

Rail Shipping

The CSX Intermodal Terminal in Fairburn gives you access to 21,000 miles of rail lines stretching east to west between Boston and Chicago, north and south from Detroit to West Palm Beach, and almost everywhere in between. CSX rail lines crisscross 22 states and the District of Columbia, shipping items such as intermodal containers, coal, aggregates, grain and feed. There are more than 2,600 miles of CSX rail in Georgia alone, handling more than 1.6 million carloads of freight annually.

Norfolk Southern Railroad also runs numerous trains through the South Fulton area managing a large amount of cargo capacity and helping to drive productivity.